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Initializing a view with slow data

This post is written with Windows Phone in mind, but the principles can be applied for Windows Store apps and similar. Sometimes the data that a view should present takes some time to load. Since we want our application to be quick and responsive a few seconds delay waiting for data from an external service […] Read More...
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MVVM Light and LongListSelector

This post is about how to use the MVVM pattern with the new LongListSelector in Windows Phone 8. My first attempt at getting it to work was to hook up on the SelectedItemChanged event. That however got me into trouble when using the back button and I clicked the same item again. Since the same […] Read More...
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Scandinavian Developer Conference 2013

I’m very proud to present the .Net track for Scandinavian Developer Conference 2013: ¬†http://scandevconf.se/2013/conference/detailed-program/ I belive the .net track is stronger than ever this year. I’ll be there, will You? Read More...
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